5/11/12 - Can I see Your Stick? I can't tell you how many times I've been asked that question. It was in 1999 when a friend of mine gave me a "walking stick" he found in the woods. It is a dogwood sapling that had a honeysuckle vine growing around it that caused the twisted growth in the middle of the tree. The crooked end of the tree is where it grew out of the ground. I took one look at it and decided to make a pool cue out of my new walking stick. I peeled the bark and removed the vine, and after 3 hours with a farrier's rasp and sandpaper, I had tapered and smoothed the shooting end of my new cue enough to satisfy me. Of all places, I went to Wal-dam-mart and bought a cue tip kit and applied a tip to the end. The stick was too light to be effective shooting pool so I started tying weights to my new cue with some round goat lace I had bought at Tandy Leather, and wrapped the handle with the lace as well. Weighing in at a whopping 14 ounces with ornamental weights attached, I took my new cue to the pool room to try it out. After half a year of practice I finally got the hang of my new cue stick, eventually getting good enough to use it in local weekly tournaments in Sevierville, Tennessee. So what's weighing it down? Starting at the shooting end: an antique turquoise and silver Navajo ring, an ancient obsidian knife blade, a King of Diamonds watch I found, my Phi Kappa Phi pin, an obsidian knife I knapped, and my college ring from the University of Tennessee. Yes, I did end up winning a couple of the partner 8-ball tournaments with this cue. You can see more shots of it in a new gallery: http://www.wappophotos.com/Art/Custom-Cue-Stick/22917850_hggxgr#!i=1841127751&k=kctxs3j Have a sticky day! - perryfuquaphotos
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